First and foremost, THANK YOU!

While the state is still in the process of reopening, we would like to thank our shoppers who have made it to the new location at 1094 Rt 28 South Yarmouth! The support and enthusiasm that Wicked's shoppers have shown the last few weeks has been so encouraging. 

In-store Updates:

There is still a limit to how many people we can have in the store at one time. Wicked Thrift is still only accepting 8 people into the store at a time during open hours. This is to encourage social distancing and give everyone the space they need to shop safely. 

Also, we still aren't allowing people into dressing rooms at this time. If there is something that you're unsure about, we do allow to try items on over your clothes, as long as if you don't love the item, you give it back to us immediately so that we can quarantine it for 48 hours and disinfect it before it goes back onto the floor.

We Have Masks

Laura Gaetani, Derek Pazolt, and Jenn Sprissler have brought us a variety of masks that we are selling at different price points! Check them out on our online store or in-store Thursday- Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-4. 

Your health and safety is important to us.

We are committed to making sure our shoppers and our staff remain safe and healthy. In order to achieve that, masks are REQUIRED in the store at all times. In addition to that, we regularly disinfect hot spot areas of the store (door handles, our IPad, and even the metal and plastic parts of the hangers.) 

We are very thankful that our new space is equipped with a back area that we can isolate items that need to be isolated after being intimately handled. 



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  • Krsana Henry

    Hello. I have a very large assortment of womens plus size clothing. all very stylish and flattering. Various name brands.. some new or close to new and others in good or very good condition. Are you interested in purchasing them from me or ???? Not sure how this works. thanks Krsana 774-238-6565

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