Welcome to Surviving Main Street

"Hello, small business friends and startups who are making it happen and keeping it real on Main Streets everywhere...", is an excerpt from the intro of my new Podcast, Surviving Main Street

A few years ago, I launched a blog by the same name, although at the time, I felt like a loner in the Cape Cod landscape of small businesses. Now, I can see that most small business owners probably feel the same way, at one point or another.

Just like my business has evolved, so has this idea of wanting to bring a tribe of small business owners together, where we can be candid about what it takes to keep the doors open and share the wisdom from our unique fields.

Surviving Main Street, reintroduced, is a weekly Podcast that will be launching over Christmas and New Year's. It can be described as part community outreach and part business mentoring. We'll go behind the scenes of restaurants, retail shops and service-based small businesses to find out how they’re doing it, what it takes, what's real and what matters. The podcast will feature candid Interviews with local businesses, community commentary, news and trends, panel discussions and Q&A with the pros who know.

I hope you'll tune in and support the project by following, subscribing and reviewing the podcast episodes when they air. Small business remains at the heart of every community.