What keeps me up at night? Lately, it's been the stories of my business friends and peers who are just so incredibly exhausted and beat down, trying everything to keep their businesses going.

My brain hurts from thinking so hard on this, "how to help, what can we do, there's got to be a better way, I am missing something...think smarter, Tammy".

So, it came to me after two months of hitting a major emotional low and the reality that the pandemic winter is here on Cape Cod. This past month, I have cried hard, screamed at people I love and seem to have a semi-permanent look concentration locked between my brows... BUT... an idea was born.

What if I were to build an online community resource for us all, that would serve two needs:

1. Be a vault of shared information for small business owners and entrepreneurs, that would act as a peer support network. It would tackle many subjects relevant to small business owners across many fields, such as creative problem solving, financial feasibility, marketing and promotions and general operating insight;

2. Be an online marketplace of unique and broad enrichment content delivered virtually by our community's local talent, educators and business professionals. What better wat to explore new skills, enhance a child's remote learning experience or elevate the day-to-day, than within your own community?

This would be a way to help monetize our local professionals' depth knowledge, introduce a new sales channel for them and, at the same time, present an a la carte awesome collection of learning-based content in a LOCAL marketplace for education and personal growth.

It's a very big vision, but I can see it and I have the skills to build it online. This new year needs to be filled with hope.