Wicked's COVID Response -- EXTENDED

Wicked's COVID Response -- EXTENDED

Since their grand-reopening at 1094 Rt 28 South Yarmouth, Wicked Thrift has taken very specific steps to make sure everyone remains safe.

"As a shopkeeper responsible for the safety of my staff and public, my first priority during these times when we must remain vigilant is the special handling of both incoming resale items and items that we have allowed shoppers to try on. The quarantining of both is a critical part of our process and will remain so for months to come." Said Tammy, owner of Wicked.

Although there are still regulations on dressing rooms, Wicked Thrift does allow shoppers to try on over their clothing, but then immediately remove those items from the floor, if not purchased. Later, those pieces are sprayed with apparel disinfectant spray and quarantined before returning to the showroom floor.

Wicked has even switched how they get their inventory. 

In the past, Wicked Thrift has been known for their public trading days when there is a line of up to 30 people dropping-off all at the same time. This model doesn't work during COVID19,  so Tammy has adapted to an appointment system, temporarily.

This is not only to encourage social distancing, but also allows for incoming items to be safely quarantined before handling by staff and shoppers.

Although there is no definitive research that tells us how long COVID can stay on fabric, Wicked keeps all incoming items in their dropoff bags for up to a week before going through them, and another week before they actually hit the floor. 

With the abbreviated hours of the store, it is also easier for Sales Associate and Consignment Specialist, Madison Wallace, to clean and disinfect the store throughout the day. 

Madison says "I focus mostly on the door handles and hard surfaces like the display cases and our outdoor overflow chairs. I wipe them down every 45 minutes... Also throughout the day I'll walk around and wipe down the hangers by going down the racks with a disinfectant cloth." 

"For the safety and comfort of our shoppers, we also have hand sanitizer at our front door and register, and we offer contactless payments." Added Tammy. 

Wicked Thrift has a current maximum capacity of 8 persons in the store at a time. 

Masks are still required while inside the store. 



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