Why Resale?

Why Resale?

There are a number of reasons why people have been gravitating to shopping resale, especially in the modern age.

Reduce, Reuse, Resale

According to a 2009 EPA study, textiles (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc) make up about 5% of the average landfill space in the United States. 

Now 5% doesn't seem like a lot, but when you realize that is the equivalent of 21 BILLION pounds of post-consumer textile waste per year, that puts into a bit more context for us. 

As American's are starting to tune into the climate crisis, those in the younger generations (Generations X, Millenials, and Gen-Z) have been far more conscious of how much waste they are producing in an attempt to be active on a personal level to combat the climate crisis. 

That is where clothing resale comes in. Although the business models are not the same;  donation thrift, consignment, and buy out-right are all solutions that Americans are starting to take seriously. 

About 15% of textiles, according to the 2009 EPA study are donated or recycled and that number is continuing to grow as the years continue.  

"I'll Know it When I see it"

Another reason for the growing interest in resale shopping is the thrill of the hunt.

In donation thrifts like Goodwill, or Salvation Army, the fun comes from finding that diamond in the rough.

But at buy out-right or consignment stores, the collection is specifically curated so that no matter what is in the store, they are going to be in fantastic condition and there is always something to find! 

Knowing that what you find is going to be a unique addition to your closet is something that for many, can be hard to pass up! 

The Age of Technology

With all of the world's information at the palm of your hand, the younger generations don't necessarily have a sense of fashion identity as those before them.

That's not a bad thing because anyone can pull inspiration from any decade, style, or vibe! 

The resale market is perfect for that kind of fashion experimentation. Resale shopping is an avenue that has a low financial risk while still encouraging the mixing, matching, and boldness that comes with access to technology.

This is also fantastic news for Vintage clothing! 

It still takes a certain kind of shopper to truly appreciate vintage clothing, but the accessibility of information and pictures of fashions past makes it so that vintage pieces have a greater opportunity to have a second or third life! 

This adds to the environmental factor as well as historical preservation!


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