Top 10 Best Thrift Shops in Massachusetts

Top 10 Best Thrift Shops in Massachusetts

The 10 Best Thrift Shops in Massachusetts!

Wicked Thrift made the list "Top 10" in the state,along with a few other favorite Cape Cod thrift shops.

If you missed it, this list of  The 10 Best Thrift Shops in Massachusetts was a real surprise for us on the web! It is amazing how many people visit Wicked Thrift & PopRock Vintage and mention they saw the list online. A true testament to the power of press and the internet. Thank you again to Kimbery Ripley for including Wicked Thrift & PopRock Vintage.

We know what you're thinking and you are totally right, that "there are so many other super-cool thrift shops worthy of a mention!", so we found this directory of traditional non-profit thrifts in MA for you, so you can visit all of them! 

Tammy Venneri, Owner

Wicked Thrift & PopRock Vintage

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