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Hundreds, no, thousands of new items a month!

Wicked Thrift is known for a number of things, from being voted Best of Cape Cod, to our annual Prom Central collection with over 600 consigned formals, every year, but what happens behind the scenes of the big numbers and piles of clothing is a hyper process that most of our shoppers are unaware of. If you’ve shopped in the store before then you know that our space is massive, so how do we keep our store stocked?  Let's talk about volume.

The answer is that we are Cape Cod’s only clothing exchange that buys your used clothing, versus traditional consignment or donation, offering cash for in-style used clothing.  And when you’re the only store on Cape Cod that buys it outright the volume is insane.

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There are two ways to participate.

At the beginning of the trade season, we offer our VIP program, a list that is capped at the first 100 people who choose to make a $20 contribution to our local Teen Fund, a fund started by the owner of Wicked Thrift, Tammy Venneri, to help Cape Cod teens participate in extracurricular activities, such as art, music, sports and science.

VIPs are allowed to drop-off 30 items per month at their luxury, whenever it's convenient. With 100 VIPs signed-up, that translates to 3,000 clothing items we review each month, and this doesn't include the rest of the public.

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What if you're not a VIP? No problem! Wicked Thrift & PopRock Vintage offers public buying days, when anyone is welcome to get in line. The first 25 people who arrive can leave 30 clothing items with us for same-day cash. That's 660+ items of clothing each date. With an average of six public dates offered each change-of-season, we're looking at 3,960 items, in addition to our 100 VIPs. Add the two together = GRAND TOTAL OF 10,000 CLOTHING ITEMS REVIEWED EVERY 60 DAYS.

We review around 10,000 items every 60 days...BUT how much do we BUY?

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We buy around 3,000 used clothing items a month. It's just math!

“So, you say Wicked Thrift looked at 9,960 pieces of clothing... but how many pieces did you actually buy?”

Thank you for asking! From the 9,960 pieces of clothing that we reviewed, we purchased about 60% of the items = 5,976 pieces of clothing we bought from the community over 60 days.

Next time you visit and you hear us say "there's always more at Wicked Thrift", you'll know exactly how much more we are talking about!



 Missy Jones, Contributor

Missy Jones Wicked Thrift

Author, Missy Jones, is a recent graduate from Emory & Henry College with a degree in Mass Communications and has worked for Wicked Thrift for the last 7 years. She has previously worked as the Managing Editor of the student-run newspaper, The Whitetopper as well as the Programming Director of 90.7 WEHC.



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