What to do, what to do!

When this whole COVID situation started, we weren't sure what was going on, or what the future would be like but what we did know, was that we were bored as all get-up. So what I know a lot of people have been doing, myself included, has been a lot of online shopping

What's the fuss over online shopping?

Well, it's probably the easiest way to shop when you don't want to (or can't) go anywhere. No matter if it's a want or need, there isn't anything you can't find online these days. 

For example, while Tammy, our fearless leader, was getting everything set up for our big move, I was doing an awful lot of online shopping. I even started a rubber duck collection! But something that I was also doing, was shopping on our very own online store at and scored an ah-mazing pair of floral Vans. 

Don't forget about our local curbside pick up option too!

Shopping made easy!

Wicked Thrift's online store is so easy to shop! It's set up in a way that if you're just mindlessly scrolling to see if there is something you want, you can look by size just like you would in the store. We, of course, have our ICONIC sizing chart (skinny mini, goddess, etc.) and if you're not in the mood for tops, dresses, and pants, there is the accessories tap too where you can get designer bags for a steal! 

Not into just scrolling?

No worries! we got you covered too! There is a nifty search bar on the page where if you know exactly what you're looking for, just clickity-clack those keys and search by brand, size, anything your heart desires! 

Shop small, even when you're online!

I know Amazon can be a great tool for quick and easy shopping, but why leave your favorite Cape Cod store out of the mix? Great quality, hand-picked resale items to make sure that we're not giving into fast fashion! Recycling has never been so easy! 

New items are posted every day on, I'll see you there! 


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