Hello, everyone!

As most of you have heard by now, yesterday Governor Baker announced the Four Phases of Massachusetts reopening the state. Beginning next Monday, May 25, retailers will be allowed CURBSIDE PICKUPS ONLY. Doors must remain closed. No patrons allowed until June 8.

Retail stores of all kinds, from furniture stores and jewelry boutiques to apparel and thrift shops, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPEN until June 8, and that's IF the statistics are going down and the community continues to adhere to safety standards, according to Gov. Baker.

While I love that some of you think Wicked Thrift is essential, we are not. Many of my business friends are already announcing permanent business closures. They are running on fumes and there's simply no way to recover. Businesses still owe rent, utilities and vendors. While many landords are doing the best they can to find creative solutions, waiving past rent completely is not going to be an option for anyone. Some landlords are able to be more flexible than others, but they are in the same boat as their tenants. 

As we begin to slowly pull back the curtains, it is more important than ever to remain sensitive and supportive of all your favorite restaurants and shops.

PLEASE be patient with us. Be kind. We understand you are anxious, but demanding information and timelines is not necessarily the most positive approach. Hardworking business owners are helpless, right now. Employers who have contributed to our local economy, serviced the masses and entertained us all are barely hanging on.

If you are comfortable doing so and are able, maybe buy a burger at curbside, log on to a local boutique's online store, make an effort to follow and show your love on Instagram and Facebook business pages.

As for Wicked Thrift, stay tuned for a few big announcements. I have had four stores in 10 years. I am very adaptable under extreme circumstances and tend to be bullish when the going gets tough. Sort of like Rambo.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. Operationally, my hands will be tied until we can reopen. Until then, please enjoy and share our online store, because a sh*tload of effort has gone into it, over the last 60 days :D

Miss you all!



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  • Susan Durkin

    You are a bad ass Tammy😊!
    It looks like the online store is doing great.
    I was a few hours too late on that denim Coach bag😪.
    How are you getting the product to those who purchase?
    Do they pick up ?
    It’s Sue from Boston😊

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