COVID-19 Reshaping Our Lives

TODAY IS MARCH 31. Wicked Thrift has been closed, since March 16. Here we are together, but 6' apart, coping with how COVID-19 has been reshaping our lives.

COLLECTIVELY, WE ARE GRIEVING for ourselves, those who are sick and scared, financially stressed and stretched with very little aid, assistance and resources. We have friends who were meant to be celebrating milestones and long-planned events, and businesses that are launching grand openings.

EACH OF US, YOUNG AND OLD, are processing the loss of our daily routine and what is normal for us. Yes, refusing to do school work, acting out, having a pity party, a lack of patience, a relentless will to survive or becoming a beacon of hope is how it will manifest itself.

GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS are ahead for each of us. Instead of becoming exasperated or angry or reactive, let's try hard to validate one another's feelings through this.

Wicked Thrift misses you all!


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