A Masked Mission

A Masked Mission


and humanity intact, Wicked Thrift has had many loyal friends reach out to offer well-wishes and assistance.

When Derek Pazolt contacted us on Facebook about a mask-making mission, offering to donate handmade masks to Wicked Thrift for our shoppers, I knew it was a story to highlight.

Derek Pazolt and Jenn Sprissler, regulars at Wicked Thrift, are on a mission to distribute their 100% cotton, 2-ply masks around our community.

Derek and Jenn saw the growing need for masks, even before the order from Governor Baker saying that Massachusetts residents would be required to wear masks when they cannot practice social distancing.

masks cape cod
Derek, Jenn, and their friend and coworker Cali, have donated 20 masks directly to Wicked Thrift and our online shoppers as well.

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WHO? WHAT? WHY? When asked for a little backstory,

Derek explained, "I work in a group home, caring for individuals with intellectual disabilities and compounding medical issues. I also attend graduate school at Bridgewater State University, and am working on completing my Master's Degree in social work." 

"My co-workers and I have worked on masks for over a month"

mask making cape codmask making on cape cod We realized the need for masks would be enormous and I personally had the fabric, machine, and knowledge base to make them. I showed my coworkers how to pin, measure, and turn out the fabric. We formed an assembly line, with my sewing each part of the mask and they doing the other necessary tasks. 

I quilt as a hobby and have donated my entire fabric stash in an effort to make masks. We have not asked for any money for masks, as we know many are struggling financially at this time."

Tammy Venneri Wicked ThriftTammy, owner of Wicked Thrift, wears one of the masks here and has passed them out to a number of patrons who have shared them with loved ones.

If anyone is interested or able to donate fabric, elastics, or thread to Derek, you can reach out to Wicked Thrift at 508-648-5902

Thank you to Kaysi Pisano and Missy Jones for contributing to this post.

















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